Sunday, January 31, 2021

This blog was written for #FantasySmutFriday – Week #78 – Something Worth Sharing


For Old Times’ Sake by Gracie C. McKeever

Kenya Reynolds inhaled the familiar citrus scent of her ex-husband’s cologne and realized she had never stopped wanting him.

Fine time to grasp it, girl.

 “It wasn’t all bad, was it?”

She turned to Briar as they stood in the lobby of the courthouse waiting for the torrential rain to stop. “No. It just wasn’t enough.” What she had wanted most from him during their three-year marriage had been him, his time. His ultra-success had stolen that from her.

“Remember when we got caught in a storm like this on our first date?”

She nodded and smiled at the recollection of his impromptu picnic, back when he had been trying to impress her. He’d had his driver drop them at the nearest park and in the middle of Briar removing a gourmet feast from the basket, rain started pouring down in buckets. By the time they made it back to the limo they’d both been drenched.

Like my pussy right now.

Kenya tried not to think about that neglected body part, while standing so close to the source of its sudden reawakening. She could feel the heat emanating from her ex’s tall figure. The perfect broad-shouldered-and-tapered-waist build that made her salivate just recalling how his wash-board abs and callipygian ass felt beneath her fingers. 

Not helping, Kenya.

“I never liked walking in the rain before that,” he said as if amazed at the knowledge. “But sharing it with you made the experience…fun.”

She looked at his feet and chuckled. “I can understand your aversion with the expensive Italian shoes you favor.”

Briar chuckled and Kenya’s nipples tightened to hard peaks.

Sweet Jesus the man had a killer smile and he knew it. Dimples and all. Her girlfriends and mother thought she had hit the jackpot when she married him. Hot and rich? Oh yeah, color them confused that she had even considered divorce.

“Can I drop you somewhere? My limo’s in the parking garage. I can have it here in a minute.”

Probably on his way to the airport and out of town. Not even finalizing their divorce could stop business as usual. She couldn’t fault him for being successful. It was one of the things that had attracted her, his single-minded ambition. When he set his sights on something he wanted, he got it. And back then, just before his dot-com exploded, he had set his sights on her.

Kenya thought what the hell and turned to Briar. “Sure.” Sharing a ride? Providence, right? If they’d been in a romantic comedy, they’d catch up on old times. Kenya wanted to catch up, all right, and hoped Briar did too. They were two consenting adults after all and they’d been married. She’d seen him naked before and wanted to again. They had a shared past that she hoped would make things less awkward

Briar called his driver on his cell and as promised the limo parked at the curb in less than a minute. He looked at her and took her hand. “Ready?”

She nodded and laughed as they rushed through the glass doors, out into the pouring rain and into the backseat of the lavish vehicle.

Briar spared no expense. He liked to travel with his creature comforts.

Their sprint and the driver already having the back door open avoided them getting too wet, so Kenya leaned back against the supple leather seats, feeling comfy and relaxed for the first time all day.

“The townhouse?” Briar asked.

Kenya reached for the button that would close the tinted privacy glass between them and the driver.

“Airport,” Briar told the driver before the glass completely closed.

Their synchronization was at least still intact.

“Lots of leg room,” Kenya observed.

“Makes it easier to do this.” Briar slid to his knees between her spread thighs, massaging her quadriceps as he pushed up her skirt, grinning when he revealed her panties. He stroked her pussy lips and clit through the delicate material with his thumb. “These are in my way.”

Kenya lifted a brow and gasped when Briar rose to her challenge and ripped off her panties. Not like he couldn’t buy her another thousand pair.

He grabbed her bare ass and squeezed as he pulled her forward on the seat, hooking her knees over his shoulders before planting his face between her thighs.

Just the brush of his nose, his exhalations made her cunt and nipples tingle with anticipation.

Briar glanced up at her for one long hot moment, expression intense and hungry before he dove in tongue-first. He licked and sucked her pussy, thoroughly laving before moving onto her swollen clit.

Kenya closed her eyes and arched her neck with a moan as he concentrated his efforts, warming up her engines just the way she liked. Then he spread her lips with his thumbs to get down to business. He licked her from the bottom of her cunt to the top before focusing on her clit with the tip of his tongue, sliding his middle finger into her slick warmth.

Kenya ground her hips against his hand, riding it as he twisted and turned his talented digit inside her before he quickly located her G-spot. He played around it, taunting her before stroking it flush, thumbing her clit in concert.

It only took a minute before liquid warmth suffused her entire lower body and extended its arousing rippling journey north, signaling the orgasm right before it swept completely over her.  

Briar fondled her breasts with his free hand as Kenya shuddered and squeezed her thighs against his other before gradually floating down from her oxytocin high.

She opened her eyes to watch as he licked is finger with relish and stared at her.

She eyed his crotch, the bulge behind his zipper steadily growing as he sat back on the seat beside her and rolled his head on the head rest to look at her.

“Want to finish this on the plane?” Briar asked.

Kenya grinned as she cupped his hard cock, already feeling the weight of him in her mouth. Already tasting him. “My membership in your Mile High Club is well overdue for renewal.”


Marquete Williams said...

Even after a divorce, a woman can still daydream her lustful needs toward her head-to-toe, scrumptious, sexy as sin, ex-husband, when Kenya accepts a ride from him. Kenya and Briar quickly break their pent up carnal desires in the backset of the moving vehicle, and rekindle their once explosive love marriage. Briar intensifies the already heightened moment, asking his ex-wife to finish what they started a mile high on a flight to who cares.

Gracie C. McKeever said...

Margaret, you got that right, LOL