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This blog was written for #FantasySmutFriday – Week #80 – The Distraction


The Brat by Gracie C. McKeever

Ryan’s man of one year, Cade paced by the bedroom for the third time in the last thirty minutes, peeked in on Ryan, loudly sighed, then walked away.

Clad in only black compression shorts that displayed his toned, well-muscled body to its full effect, Cade was obviously cruising for a bruising.

Normally, Ryan would have already been roaming his hands all over Cade’s sculpted form before spanking his callipygian ass until it turned red, but duty called and if he didn’t get this story done and out by tomorrow, then it was going to be his ass. Ryan didn’t miss deadlines. Ever. He knew Cade knew this but obviously he was in desperate need of a scene, a spanking, some funishment or all of the above.

Ryan stared at his laptop, the words on the screen incomprehensibly running together. Ten paragraphs, five hundred words, not even close to what he needed to wrap things up. Then he had to deal with editing hell. He refused to consider a block. He didn’t believe in them.

“You need a break.”

Ryan glanced up with a start to see Cade standing beside their king-size bed, staring down at him with his intense slate eyes, unapologetically unsubmissive in that moment. 

Shit, the man moved like a predator on the prowl in the jungle. Not to mention he was right, but damned if Ryan would admit it. “No, but it looks like you do.”

“I’m bored.”

“What are you? Five?” Not that Ryan blamed him. This pandemic had brought out the worst in a lot of people even the most driven and well-balanced like them. There was but so much TV, video games, baking, cooking, reading and work a body could do. That they had both managed to keep a semblance of their daily routines and not blow up like balloons was no small feat.

Cade had worked out earlier, gone for a run and showered when he got back. Usually, he liked to unwind with a scene.

Well, tough titties, Ryan was busy.


He almost laughed when Cade whined like the brat he was then glanced up to see his man’s incongruous steely-eyed glare. The expression made Ryan shudder with want and search his memory to pinpoint when the last time was they had scened.

They tried to keep things fresh and not fall into a rut or ignore each other’s needs, but hello, pandemic. Actually, no excuse. They needed to buckle down and stick to their customs even more or suffer the consequences and stagnate.

Ryan set his laptop aside on the bed. “You don’t want any of this. If you make me stop, you’re going to regret it.”

“Promise?” Cade grinned, eyes gleaming.

Stinking brat, topping from the bottom. Normally, Ryan didn’t like the term. A sub had every right to make his desires known in a power exchange. Cade wasn’t a slave. This particular sub needed to know, however, that he wasn’t always going to get his way just because he whined. “Have you always been this spoiled?”

Cade blushed and bowed his head.

Ryan wasn’t fooled by the subservient act, not when he glimpsed the smirk on Cade’s full, kissable lips; lips he was going to put to good use very soon.

He slid from the bed and stood in front of Cade, just a couple of inches shorter than his partner’s 6’2. He bent his head and took a deep breath, cock hardening at the scent of Cade’s spicy shower gel. “Take off your shorts, stand in the corner and kiss your knees.” The latter was assuredly an impossibility, even with Cade’s flexibility but Ryan just wanted to enjoy seeing him try.

He watched as Cade followed his instructions, crossing the room and gracefully bending over to display his flawless ass.

There had been times he’d wondered what a colorful tat would look like on the pale flesh, and he’d even broached the subject with Cade, who didn’t seem averse to the idea. Maybe one day soon, something small that wouldn’t interfere with any of Ryan’s marks.

Ryan approached and listened to the hitch in Cade’s breath as he noticed Cade came halfway ready with one of his favorite butt plugs already inserted in his rectum.

Spoiled stinking brat.

Ryan fondled then squeezed Cade’s ass before running his fingers over the flared bottom.

Cade groaned. “Paddle please.”

“You’ve interrupted my work. My choice.” Ryan wanted to feel the springiness and warmth of Cade’s skin against his palm as blood rushed to the surface. “Count off backwards from twenty.” Ryan delivered the first hard smack against one cheek.

“Twenty! Thank you sir!”

Ryan continued like this for several minutes, distributing blows equally between each cheek, varying the force to provide a nice sting and giving Cade a moment to breath between each.

After the tenth blow, Cade’s ass had a sweet rosy glow, one that looked good against Ryan’s mahogany complexion.

By the last blow, Cade was panting and hard and so was Ryan.

“One! Thank you sir!”

“Stand up and face me.”

Cade did, head bowed, long-lashed eyes downcast.

Ryan admired his flushed face, Cade’s cheeks as red as his ass. He reached down to thumb the pearl of pre-cum from Cade’s slit. “You want to come, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”


“Please, sir.”

Ryan grasped him, enjoying the throb of Cade’s hard cock in his hand, feeling simultaneously generous and powerful as the kernel he’d been looking for took root and bloomed.

Damn, he had needed the break and Cade had known it.

Maybe not such a brat after all, but a definite SAM.

“Wipe that smirk off your face.” Ryan grinned and slowly pumped Cade’s cock for several long, focused moments, enjoying the sound of Cade’s moans as he brought him to the edge and stopped.


“Go to the playroom and wait for me.”

“Yes, sir!”

Ryan watched as Cade did his bidding.

He would finish off his story and then finish off Cade.

His brat deserved nothing less.




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An erotic m/m short that lightly teases and leads to punishment to fit the rebellious and bratty Cade.