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This blog was written for #FantasySmutFriday – Week #80 – The Distraction


The Brat by Gracie C. McKeever

Ryan’s man of one year, Cade paced by the bedroom for the third time in the last thirty minutes, peeked in on Ryan, loudly sighed, then walked away.

Clad in only black compression shorts that displayed his toned, well-muscled body to its full effect, Cade was obviously cruising for a bruising.

Normally, Ryan would have already been roaming his hands all over Cade’s sculpted form before spanking his callipygian ass until it turned red, but duty called and if he didn’t get this story done and out by tomorrow, then it was going to be his ass. Ryan didn’t miss deadlines. Ever. He knew Cade knew this but obviously he was in desperate need of a scene, a spanking, some funishment or all of the above.

Ryan stared at his laptop, the words on the screen incomprehensibly running together. Ten paragraphs, five hundred words, not even close to what he needed to wrap things up. Then he had to deal with editing hell. He refused to consider a block. He didn’t believe in them.

“You need a break.”

Ryan glanced up with a start to see Cade standing beside their king-size bed, staring down at him with his intense slate eyes, unapologetically unsubmissive in that moment. 

Shit, the man moved like a predator on the prowl in the jungle. Not to mention he was right, but damned if Ryan would admit it. “No, but it looks like you do.”

“I’m bored.”

“What are you? Five?” Not that Ryan blamed him. This pandemic had brought out the worst in a lot of people even the most driven and well-balanced like them. There was but so much TV, video games, baking, cooking, reading and work a body could do. That they had both managed to keep a semblance of their daily routines and not blow up like balloons was no small feat.

Cade had worked out earlier, gone for a run and showered when he got back. Usually, he liked to unwind with a scene.

Well, tough titties, Ryan was busy.


He almost laughed when Cade whined like the brat he was then glanced up to see his man’s incongruous steely-eyed glare. The expression made Ryan shudder with want and search his memory to pinpoint when the last time was they had scened.

They tried to keep things fresh and not fall into a rut or ignore each other’s needs, but hello, pandemic. Actually, no excuse. They needed to buckle down and stick to their customs even more or suffer the consequences and stagnate.

Ryan set his laptop aside on the bed. “You don’t want any of this. If you make me stop, you’re going to regret it.”

“Promise?” Cade grinned, eyes gleaming.

Stinking brat, topping from the bottom. Normally, Ryan didn’t like the term. A sub had every right to make his desires known in a power exchange. Cade wasn’t a slave. This particular sub needed to know, however, that he wasn’t always going to get his way just because he whined. “Have you always been this spoiled?”

Cade blushed and bowed his head.

Ryan wasn’t fooled by the subservient act, not when he glimpsed the smirk on Cade’s full, kissable lips; lips he was going to put to good use very soon.

He slid from the bed and stood in front of Cade, just a couple of inches shorter than his partner’s 6’2. He bent his head and took a deep breath, cock hardening at the scent of Cade’s spicy shower gel. “Take off your shorts, stand in the corner and kiss your knees.” The latter was assuredly an impossibility, even with Cade’s flexibility but Ryan just wanted to enjoy seeing him try.

He watched as Cade followed his instructions, crossing the room and gracefully bending over to display his flawless ass.

There had been times he’d wondered what a colorful tat would look like on the pale flesh, and he’d even broached the subject with Cade, who didn’t seem averse to the idea. Maybe one day soon, something small that wouldn’t interfere with any of Ryan’s marks.

Ryan approached and listened to the hitch in Cade’s breath as he noticed Cade came halfway ready with one of his favorite butt plugs already inserted in his rectum.

Spoiled stinking brat.

Ryan fondled then squeezed Cade’s ass before running his fingers over the flared bottom.

Cade groaned. “Paddle please.”

“You’ve interrupted my work. My choice.” Ryan wanted to feel the springiness and warmth of Cade’s skin against his palm as blood rushed to the surface. “Count off backwards from twenty.” Ryan delivered the first hard smack against one cheek.

“Twenty! Thank you sir!”

Ryan continued like this for several minutes, distributing blows equally between each cheek, varying the force to provide a nice sting and giving Cade a moment to breath between each.

After the tenth blow, Cade’s ass had a sweet rosy glow, one that looked good against Ryan’s mahogany complexion.

By the last blow, Cade was panting and hard and so was Ryan.

“One! Thank you sir!”

“Stand up and face me.”

Cade did, head bowed, long-lashed eyes downcast.

Ryan admired his flushed face, Cade’s cheeks as red as his ass. He reached down to thumb the pearl of pre-cum from Cade’s slit. “You want to come, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”


“Please, sir.”

Ryan grasped him, enjoying the throb of Cade’s hard cock in his hand, feeling simultaneously generous and powerful as the kernel he’d been looking for took root and bloomed.

Damn, he had needed the break and Cade had known it.

Maybe not such a brat after all, but a definite SAM.

“Wipe that smirk off your face.” Ryan grinned and slowly pumped Cade’s cock for several long, focused moments, enjoying the sound of Cade’s moans as he brought him to the edge and stopped.


“Go to the playroom and wait for me.”

“Yes, sir!”

Ryan watched as Cade did his bidding.

He would finish off his story and then finish off Cade.

His brat deserved nothing less.





Tuesday, February 09, 2021


This blog was written for #FantasySmutFriday – Week #79 – Valentine’s Day Plans


Change of Plans by Gracie C. McKeever

Mona didn’t have plans for Valentine’s Day. Other than working late and going home to binge on her favorite chopsocky movies, Korean dishes and soju, she never had plans.

She was a single-woman cliché, except the cat part. She wasn’t a cat lady. She preferred dogs, loyal, friends-‘til-the-end, rain-or-shine pooches.

“You’d never let me down, would you, Duke?”

Her big German shepherd barked and licked her face as she cupped his. There, she’d been kissed on Valentine’s Day! If her friend Erica was right about Kwan, it wouldn’t be her last.

 “Nobody makes ‘special deliveries’ like he does if they didn’t want to see you. Homeboy is crushing hard. And if I wasn’t married, I’d ask his fine, Keanu Reeves-looking ass out myself.”

Mona laughed at the memory then her heartbeat sped when her downstairs buzzer sounded. She responded to Joe the doorman and told him to let Kwan up.

Just formality since Joe knew Kwan as well as he knew her. She ordered from his restaurant enough to make Kwan’s face a fixture in the building. And ever since Erica had made that remark about Kwan’s crush, Mona had been brushing up on Korean culture, though when they chatted, Kwan seemed more amused than offended by her and her girlfriends’ fresh talk.

Her doorbell sounded and she took a deep breath, reminding herself that this was Kwan. Hot, sexy Kwan whom she had been flirting with for months.

Wasn’t it about time they got to know each other better?

Still she gave herself one more pep-talk before she opened the door.

Why was she so nervous? She and Kwan traded stories about their wacky families, trying to one-up each other with whom had the craziest relatives. They talked about work and how much he loved cooking and wanted to open another restaurant. She talked about the law and how much she loved being a junior partner at her firm. He thought her job was exceedingly exciting and she told him she’d love to learn how to cook Korean food one day.

She hadn’t realized how much personal information they had shared with each other before she opened the door to see him standing there holding her order in one hand and a long-stemmed rose in the other.

Mona gaped.

“I took a chance.”

She stepped aside to let him in and almost swooned at how hunky he looked in a suit and tie.

Seemed the crush went both ways.

Mona followed him into the kitchen as he made himself comfortable unpacking various containers. “I didn’t order all this.”

“My Valentine’s Day gift.” He pulled out a bottle of soju and placed it on the marble island.

“Technically, I’m supposed to be giving you a gift.”

“You will.” He winked.

She liked this man’s style!

Evidently, so did Duke, standing at Kwan’s shoeless feet, licking his chops and looking up with big, hopeful brown eyes.

“Yes, I brought something for you too.” Kwan bent to smooth the shepherd’s thick coat then looked at her. “I hope you don’t mind?”

She shrugged and watched as he withdrew one last container from his bag of goodies and opened it to reveal a large, juicy bone.

Mona didn’t know what part of the pig it had come from, but was sure Duke would enjoy it.

“That should keep him busy for a little while.” Kwan took her by the hand and led her to the cream sofa in her living room, waited for her to sit down before he sat down beside her.

“You’re all dressed up and I’m not,” she said, indicating her lounge wear.

“I like what you have on.” He moved closer. “Though I hope you won’t have it on much longer.”

And gush went her pussy, quickly followed by her aching clit.

“Unless I’m being too forward…”

“Don’t you dare.” She grabbed his tie when he tried to move back. “You’ve come this far.” She drew him forward and he took over, pushing her back against the sofa.

He nuzzled her neck, kissing his way from one side to the other.

Mona panted as he slid his hand down between their bodies and massaged her slit.

He cupped her breast with his other, fondling the erect nipple with his thumb. Finally, he moved his mouth to hers, and they both groaned when he thrust his tongue passed her parted lips.

His kiss was eating and drugging, nimble tongue teasing and mimicking the sex act she wanted him to perform and soon.

He began to peel her yoga pants and panties down and she lifted her hips to help.

Anything to get this show on the road!

Next he removed her crop top and tossed it aside with the rest of her clothing before languidly kissing each breast, then licking and sucking her dusky hard nipples. 

After a long moment, he sat back on his heels to stare down at her and it took everything in Mona to keep from covering herself with her hands.

Putting on her bold attorney’s hat and posing as if for an artist, she purred, “Like what you see?”

“Very much, jagiya.”

She circled her juicy vulva with her pointer and licked her lips. “Then come down here to taste it, jagiya,” she said, trying out what she knew was a Korean term of endearment and liking the way it felt on her tongue.

Kwan smiled and bent his head, burying his face between her thighs without hesitation.

The first stroke of his tongue on her pussy made her shudder. When he teased her swollen clit with the tip, Mona arched her hips into his mouth, begging for more. And Kwan gave it to her, priming her with his mouth, tongue and thumb before he plunged two fingers into her wet heat.

Mona grasped his wrist and held his hand in place, right there as she bucked and rolled her hips while he twisted and turned his fingers inside her. “Oh yes, that’s it, Kwan. That’s. It!

Her entire body seized as she came and Kwan held her close, riding out her orgasm until she eventually crash landed.

Kwan cozied up beside her so when she opened her eyes, it was to the sight of him staring at her while he lapped her essence off his fingers.

Mona slid her hand through his soft hair and pulled him in for another kiss. “White Day is on me,” she said once she withdrew.

He arched a brow, seemed impressed with her knowledge of Korean dating customs, though he had reversed things by bringing her something on Valentine’s Day. “I believe American men call March 14th something else.”

“Steak and blowjob day.” She smirked.

“I’m looking forward to celebrating that with you.”




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So thrilled by this wonderful 5-Star review for Cold As Ice: “An absolutely enthralling romance that is as charming as it is sexy! An intelligently-written love story full of rich characters living in the greatest city in the world.”

Check out the entire fabulous write-up here:


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This blog was written for #FantasySmutFriday – Week #78 – Something Worth Sharing


For Old Times’ Sake by Gracie C. McKeever

Kenya Reynolds inhaled the familiar citrus scent of her ex-husband’s cologne and realized she had never stopped wanting him.

Fine time to grasp it, girl.

 “It wasn’t all bad, was it?”

She turned to Briar as they stood in the lobby of the courthouse waiting for the torrential rain to stop. “No. It just wasn’t enough.” What she had wanted most from him during their three-year marriage had been him, his time. His ultra-success had stolen that from her.

“Remember when we got caught in a storm like this on our first date?”

She nodded and smiled at the recollection of his impromptu picnic, back when he had been trying to impress her. He’d had his driver drop them at the nearest park and in the middle of Briar removing a gourmet feast from the basket, rain started pouring down in buckets. By the time they made it back to the limo they’d both been drenched.

Like my pussy right now.

Kenya tried not to think about that neglected body part, while standing so close to the source of its sudden reawakening. She could feel the heat emanating from her ex’s tall figure. The perfect broad-shouldered-and-tapered-waist build that made her salivate just recalling how his wash-board abs and callipygian ass felt beneath her fingers. 

Not helping, Kenya.

“I never liked walking in the rain before that,” he said as if amazed at the knowledge. “But sharing it with you made the experience…fun.”

She looked at his feet and chuckled. “I can understand your aversion with the expensive Italian shoes you favor.”

Briar chuckled and Kenya’s nipples tightened to hard peaks.

Sweet Jesus the man had a killer smile and he knew it. Dimples and all. Her girlfriends and mother thought she had hit the jackpot when she married him. Hot and rich? Oh yeah, color them confused that she had even considered divorce.

“Can I drop you somewhere? My limo’s in the parking garage. I can have it here in a minute.”

Probably on his way to the airport and out of town. Not even finalizing their divorce could stop business as usual. She couldn’t fault him for being successful. It was one of the things that had attracted her, his single-minded ambition. When he set his sights on something he wanted, he got it. And back then, just before his dot-com exploded, he had set his sights on her.

Kenya thought what the hell and turned to Briar. “Sure.” Sharing a ride? Providence, right? If they’d been in a romantic comedy, they’d catch up on old times. Kenya wanted to catch up, all right, and hoped Briar did too. They were two consenting adults after all and they’d been married. She’d seen him naked before and wanted to again. They had a shared past that she hoped would make things less awkward

Briar called his driver on his cell and as promised the limo parked at the curb in less than a minute. He looked at her and took her hand. “Ready?”

She nodded and laughed as they rushed through the glass doors, out into the pouring rain and into the backseat of the lavish vehicle.

Briar spared no expense. He liked to travel with his creature comforts.

Their sprint and the driver already having the back door open avoided them getting too wet, so Kenya leaned back against the supple leather seats, feeling comfy and relaxed for the first time all day.

“The townhouse?” Briar asked.

Kenya reached for the button that would close the tinted privacy glass between them and the driver.

“Airport,” Briar told the driver before the glass completely closed.

Their synchronization was at least still intact.

“Lots of leg room,” Kenya observed.

“Makes it easier to do this.” Briar slid to his knees between her spread thighs, massaging her quadriceps as he pushed up her skirt, grinning when he revealed her panties. He stroked her pussy lips and clit through the delicate material with his thumb. “These are in my way.”

Kenya lifted a brow and gasped when Briar rose to her challenge and ripped off her panties. Not like he couldn’t buy her another thousand pair.

He grabbed her bare ass and squeezed as he pulled her forward on the seat, hooking her knees over his shoulders before planting his face between her thighs.

Just the brush of his nose, his exhalations made her cunt and nipples tingle with anticipation.

Briar glanced up at her for one long hot moment, expression intense and hungry before he dove in tongue-first. He licked and sucked her pussy, thoroughly laving before moving onto her swollen clit.

Kenya closed her eyes and arched her neck with a moan as he concentrated his efforts, warming up her engines just the way she liked. Then he spread her lips with his thumbs to get down to business. He licked her from the bottom of her cunt to the top before focusing on her clit with the tip of his tongue, sliding his middle finger into her slick warmth.

Kenya ground her hips against his hand, riding it as he twisted and turned his talented digit inside her before he quickly located her G-spot. He played around it, taunting her before stroking it flush, thumbing her clit in concert.

It only took a minute before liquid warmth suffused her entire lower body and extended its arousing rippling journey north, signaling the orgasm right before it swept completely over her.  

Briar fondled her breasts with his free hand as Kenya shuddered and squeezed her thighs against his other before gradually floating down from her oxytocin high.

She opened her eyes to watch as he licked is finger with relish and stared at her.

She eyed his crotch, the bulge behind his zipper steadily growing as he sat back on the seat beside her and rolled his head on the head rest to look at her.

“Want to finish this on the plane?” Briar asked.

Kenya grinned as she cupped his hard cock, already feeling the weight of him in her mouth. Already tasting him. “My membership in your Mile High Club is well overdue for renewal.”